Original Fish Hook



This versatile single hook is designed for hardbaits whether to be used for small ponds or the big ocean.
Despite its versatility, it was not designed without well thought and full understanding of what a good hook should be.
Fish hooks are meant to be shaped like a fish hook.
Shape of a standard fish hook that a novice would be able to imagine.
The origin, the shape since the beginning of a man kind.
From the eye of the hook to the shank length, gape width and shape, point and the barb. The total balance.
Just as its name implies, Bonito is a beauty in its form and shape.
It features a curve point that allows effortless hooking of fish.
Features anti-corrosive TIN coating.
The biggest feature of this series is that it uses heavy wire throughout the line up. Smallest size hook can be used on smaller lures without sacrificing strength.

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